Where Is My Mind?

My name is Winter Rose. I'm 20.
I love hearing everyone's creative and unique seasonal jokes.

Don't be afraid of being friendly.

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In truth, you like the pain. You like it because you believe you deserve it.

Alexa Chung  (via alexturnerisababe)

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Not everything happens for a reason. Sometimes life just sucks.

Unknown (via askaboutnikki)

Yes yes yes.

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At some point you just have to let go of what you thought should happen and live in what is happening.

Glow worm, Alex Elle (via alexandraelle)

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I have to remind myself sometimes that even when I feel like I don’t matter, I do. We get so blinded by other people’s light that we forget to enjoy our own. Your stars are just as bright, important and lovely. We are all flawed. We are all trying. We all have work to do. Remember your worth and acknowledge your hard work thus far.
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